Maurice Elwin YouTube PlayLists

I have made a series of YouTube playlists documenting the recording career of Maurice Elwin. They are a work in progress and cover 1926-1935 so far. Expect more to come.


While Maurice Elwin recorded a Gramophone Company test as early as 1916, it was in 1926 that he began to make commercially distributed records, especially with Ronnie Munro and Stan Greening’s bands.

Maurice Elwin 1926 Playlist


In 1927, Elwin recorded with Ronnie Munro, Jack Payne, Ray Starita, Debroy Somers, Will Hurst, Bert and John Firman, Geoffrey Gelder, and Nat Star, among others. He also made solo records under his own name and pseudonyms.

Maurice Elwin 1927 Playlist


In 1928, Elwin recorded with Bert and John Firman, Ronnie Munro, the Metropole Dance Band, the Metropole Havana Band (which may have been led by Ronnie Munro), Tommy Kinsman, Charles Saxby (an organist), Harry Bidgood, Nat Star, with Sydney Nesbitt in duets — and, of course, solo, under his own name and various pseudonyms.

Maurice Elwin 1928 Playlist


In 1929, Elwin recorded with John Firman, Sydney Nesbitt (in duets), Nat Star, Paul Clifford, Herman Darewski, Ronnie Munro, Arthur Lally, and of course, solo (under various names).

Maurice Elwin 1929 Playlist


In 1930, Elwin recorded with Arthur Lally, John Firman, Herman Darewski, Percival Mackey, the Versatile Four, Ray Starita, Van Phillips, Dell’s Casino Dance Band, and the Buckingham String Players, among others, as well as solo.

Maurice Elwin 1930 Playlist


In 1931, Maurice Elwin recorded with John Firman, Arthur Lally, Ray Starita, George Scott-Wood, Percival Mackey, the River Club Orchestra, Dave Frost, Henry Hall. He also sang duets with Eve Becke and recorded under his own name and various pseudonyms.

Maurice Elwin 1931 Playlist


This 1932 playlist features Maurice Elwin recording with Henry Hall, Arthur Lally, and Carroll Gibbons. He also sings a duet with Olive Groves.

Maurice Elwin 1932 Playlist


This playlist includes some of Maurice Elwin’s 1933 recordings with Carroll Gibbons and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans and Jay Wilbur.

Maurice Elwin 1933 Playlist


This playlist includes Maurice Elwin’s 1934 recordings with Bertini and Jay Wilbur.

Maurice Elwin 1934 Playlist


By 1935, Elwin was no longer recording dance band records. He recorded under his own name and his various aliases.

Maurice Elwin 1935 Playlist


Elwin’s last year as a recording artist.

Maurice Elwin 1936 Playlist